Gearbox Development for an Emergency Brake System of the Wind Turbine



The article justifies the need to use independent power supply sources in the Arctic regions. It gives arguments in favour of using wind-driven power plants as autonomous power sources. It describes the problems of operating wind energy equipment in the arctic climate. As a solution of the above operational problems, it is proposed to use an emergency brake system in wind power plants. We proposed a design of an emergency brake system exemplified by a 3 kW vertical-axial wind turbine. We calculated the gearbox parameters for the proposed design and created a computer model of the gearbox based on the obtained parameters. We also analysed the advantages of the developed gearbox and the design of the emergency brake system in general.


E. Sirotkin, K. Yamazaki, and A. Miroshnichenko “Gearbox Development for an Emergency Brake System of the Wind Turbine”, 2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 459 022010, Chapter 1.